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Once upon a time, there was a very tall man who had a noticeably short dog. They spent a great deal of their time in a truly long, Delta blue canoe on Crooked Creek. One day as they were preparing to go up the creek to set up a game camera the tall man had an idea. He had heard the term “Multi-Tasking” on TV so he decided to try it!

The tall man brought along a lightweight rig and his favorite, tried and proven Rooster Tail to chunk as they went up and down the creek to accomplish the original task. Along the way the vertically challenged Hound sought out likely spots as the tall man paddled, chunked and reeled.

They were gone a bit over an hour, but the camera was set, three fish were hung and two of the fish were brought to hand. The little dog was fairly indifferent about the results but the tall man was well pleased.
The End

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You are truly blessed to spend time with a wee short dog on a beautiful little creek