Musings of an Aging Flyfisherman 2.0

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I have always had an affinity for fly fishing- even from childhood. I can remember sneaking my older brother’s bamboo fly rod out when he was gone. I remember the delicate features of the balsa wood box that held it. Fly fishing was about all my big brother did.

I remember Ed’s Lake down in Lafayette, GA. For a buck and a half a day, you could spend time chasing the “monsters” that you knew the legend of in that lake. I was destined to bank fish with my mom (who was convinced that I would fall into the lake and drown at any moment) while I wistfully watched my dad paddle my brother around the lake edges and have big shell crackers rise to his poppers. Unfortunately, my time never quite came to be paddled around. My dad suffered serious back injuries in a car wreck, and his paddling days were over.

i found the next generation fly rod that my brother used after the bamboo. A heavy, clunky old rusty red fiberglass job with metal ferrules. Stiff, heavy, and cumbersome. But that rod connected me back to grander times, to stories told, to simpler times, and to a bond that my brother and I still share- fly fishing. Thank God for brothers, fly rods, and good times.
I'm still using my father's fiberglass Wright McGills from the 60's. Never bought into the graphite rage, and, guess, what. Fiberglass is now back in. Some things never go out of style.
Gunnurse, it's not unusual to enjoy looking back once in a while. What you posted reminded me of my Dad's old Mitchell reel and Abu Garcia fiberglass rod that was his designated "catfish rod." I kicked myself for years for accidentally leaving it on the bank of a local lake one summer. I went back for it as soon as I remembered, but someone else picked it up already. It's perfectly ok sometimes that what we may consider to be some of the best parts of life may have already happened. But as long as we're alive and breathin' we can try to make new memories to look back on later. Thanks for sharing that. :)