Muzzle brake

That's a 6 pound gun. The muzzle break isn't gonna do much except perforate your eardrums. I've shot that caliber for decades and I wouldn't want anything under 10 pounds, preferably 12-14 pounds.
A 14lb rifle for elk hunting?????


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Before I bought my 300 win mag I knew a couple of guys who had one. Both wore weatherby eyebrows...multiple ones each. Obviously they crawled the stock but any discussion of shooting form was rapidly dismissed.
Being a hands on gearhead type personality when Browning released the BOSS system for tuning the rifle to any load I was immediately interested. The recoil reduction of the brake was secondary to me. So when shopping for a 300 there are limited choices for us lefthanders, Browning being one of them. Plus it was available with the BOSS so why not?
The first shots were an eye opener. I was used to shooting a 7 mag. but this thing kicked like a .243. The BOSS was easy to adjust (for me) and worked liked advertised. My rifle turned in 1/2" groups and under. And the lack of recoil allowed me to concentrate on the shot totally. What more could I ask for?
I guess it's all in what you desire and are used to. For me, I'll take my Browning and the brake any day.