Muzzleloader Kills, 2017

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Lets see your kills for 2017...

Deer, Bear, Hog, Small Game, Varmints, Turkey or any other game taken with a smoke pole of any type.

have a great year be safe and lets smoke the woods up:cheers:
Here is my first kill with the Ruger Old Army my Father-In-Law gifted me. It was a 25 yard shot quartering away hard. Entry at front of ham, and never recovered the bullet, but it did stay inside the hog. She weighed prolly 100-120# and ran 75 yards.

 photo Ruger Old Army sow_zps4tf09trv.jpg
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Public Land Doe taken yesterday morning. I used a TC Triumph with 100 grains of BH 209, and a Barnes TEZ 290 grain sabot.
I thank the Lord for another amazing gift!


First with a smokepole. Fun gun to hunt with and helped me knock out one of my three goals for the year. Back to hunting with the stickbow, just a little more enjoyable way to hunt for me.


Got this at 11:00 am, 3 point, broke his back, for some reason no matter how much I try to shrink the photo size, still says failed to upload. But, 2nd deer of the season, and with muzzleloader 😀 using a CVA Bobcat, patch and round ball, fixed iron sights, not bad considering I paid $65 for this back in 2005, who says you need to spend a lot on a fancy rifle when simple gets the job done😀


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