Muzzleloader Kills, 2017


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Hiked higher up the mountain than I've been all year. Very steep oak ridge that has critters of all kinds (squirrels, coons, deer and bear) working it over. I was sitting on a giant chestnut oak that had fallen when Irma came through. First doe came from my south at about 8:15. 70 yard shot with my rifle propped on my knee. After I heard her crash, I took a breakfast break and let the woods calm down. At about 9:00, I slipped across the ridge back to my north just out of curiosity to see what was over the next ridge. Caught movement coming my way. Another big doe hit the ground with about an 80 yard offhand shot. TC Black Diamond with 250gr Shockwaves.

Freezer is getting full! Thank you Lord.



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Carroll County doe. 9:40 this morning.
80 yard shot, she ran 30 and piled up.
CVA Optima Elite .45 cal, 150gr of 777 and one of those infamous Powerbelt 225 gr Aerotips.


Due to the idiot,looking for his cell phone and plowing into the back of my car while I was at a red light, today was my first day of hunting this season. I could not draw my bow.
I met my friend at his land and he went one way and I went to the edge of a swamp.
He had deer under his climber at daylight and shot two in 10 minutes with a .50 Hawken Style rifle. He saw 11 in all.
I saw eight deer but it was still so green in there I could not get a shot. I climbed down from hang on at 11:30 and as I was getting ready to walk out I saw a deer coming from the swamp about sixty yards.
I was using a scoped muzzleloader as I never got to shoot my flintlock and get any practice in with the wreck, doctors and new car shopping.
Turned out to be a good sized spike. Ran about 50 yards but left a stevie wonder blood trail. Hornady 250 gr SST passed through both lungs.
First picture is my friend still in his stand with first deer down.



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11/24/2017 .54 caliber flintlock, .530 roundball, 75 grains 3fg, .015 patch.


CVA Apex loaded with 100 grains of pyrodex, 320 grain Thompson Center Maxi Ball connected with on a big 8 in Barrow County . This buck and 3 smaller ones were still chasing does.


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Only had one ML kill this season, but it sure was fun! I killed this young buck on Lake Russell WMA on Thanksgiving morning with my Traditions Buckstalker using a 300 gr Harvester Scorpion Funnel Point bullet, and a Crush Rib sabot with 100 gr of White Hot pellets. He came straight in to the grunt and bleat not 15 minutes after first light. I shot him high, but he dropped where he stood.
I misfired on a nice bear two days later in Union County when my primer didn't ignite the powder, and I hit but lost a big hog two weeks later in Rabun County on the old Lake Burton WMA. Been a season of highs and lows no doubt! Looking forward to next year, and hope to be able to refine my ML game a little bit, and hope to be able to carry it the entire season and never touch my .308. It's been a lot of fun this year! Happy New Year to you all!!

You've certainly earned your moniker, Killer Kyle.
Good shootin'
Ha! I appreciate it, but this season has proved otherwise for me. Seems like most of my game has run off after I squeezed the trigger than I'd like. I have struggled this season. Been a screwball season. More "almosts", close calls, and flubs on my part than any season I've ever hunted. But that's what keeps us coming back! I've learned a whole heck of a lot (many times through failure), but I've had a whole heck of a lot of fun in the process! I sure have enjoyed the smokepole despite not bagging the game like I'd prefer.
I'm thankful for all the forum members here. Some real masters lurking these threads and teaching us less experienced. Lots of the folks here sure have enriched my hunting life a lot, and I'm grateful for that!
I'm right there with ya', Kyle on this 2019 season!
Hoping that the last half makes up for all the shortcomings of the first.Gonna be carrying my latest compilation, A 20" Gonic GA-90 .45 cal. Bbl w/custom buttstock
20 inch 45 cal BP Bbl on Contender sm.jpg