Muzzleloader Kills, 2018

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pse hunter

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Lets see your kills for 2018...

Deer, Bear, Hog, Small Game, Varmints, Turkey or any other game taken with a smoke pole of any type.

have a great year be safe and lets smoke the woods up


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Me and "little sureshot" took this gobbler this morning, 5/4/2018. He had short spurs but an 11 inch beard.
I built "little sureshot" for hunting turkeys and general shooting 15 years ago. She has a Rice Premium B profile .40 caliber rifled barrel, LH Large Siler Flintlock, Davis set triggers, Iron furniture set in a Issac Haines type stock. My load was .390 round ball, .018 Pillow Ticking patch lubed with Canola oil and 60 grains of 3fg.



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Way to seal the deal, 1eye. I saw some turkeys, and finally a doe Sat eve that was out of range. I put the stalk on her and closed to within 100 yds, but she was standing in back-high millet, and all I could see was her neck and head. Decided to pass. Enjoyed the cool weather, though.