Muzzleloader Kills, 2021

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pse hunter

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Lets see your kills for 2021

Deer, Bear, Hog, Small Game, Varmints, Turkey or any other game taken with a smoke pole of any type.

have a great year be safe and lets smoke the woods up
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pse hunter

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Way to kick it off bud. That BH and Hornady combo is hard to beat in those cva's!!
I agree with you there Hornady and blackhorn have been really good, but actually the deer was shot at the end of this past season hence still 2021 😂
I know I'm late to the party but here you go. Shot this morning with my wolf. 300gr sst, 90 grain charge of blackhorn, and a cci shotgun primer. Didn't take a step and I'm sure tickled to have him. Screenshot_20211120-092714_Gallery.jpg
Well guys this is the one, my proudest post on the muzzleloader kill thread so far. Same old gun with new blood pulling the trigger. My little girl got it done withbthe wolf yesterday. 90 grains of 209 pushing a 300gr sst within cci shotgun primer. She put it right where it need to be and made a short track of her first deer. I'm still shook up about it!!! Screenshot_20211125-052926_Gallery.jpg