my calling is crap!


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S&R, call less is best IMO. Simple clucks and yelps. I've heard real Hens sound like a dying dog. But remember it's about keeping the Cadence or the same three to four note Rythm. Just keep practicing. Good luck
My calling is crap too. When I toot on my trumpet call it sounds like...well - a trumpet. And no gobbler has ever responded. I think deer hunting is more my speed.


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What type of calls are you trying to use. I started Turkey hunting some 30 years ago with a box call because to me it was the easiest to learn and a good box call sounds great and travels a longer distance than most other calls. I use several different types now but sometimes still use my old wooden box call. If your birds haven't heard a box call yet then go give that a try. Just remember less is more and don't get caught with the box in your hand when he finally decides to show up. Good luck and never give up.


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I'm new and not good at calling but dang it's fun when one occasionally answers.

Like Taco said, I find the box call easiest to make sound good and am improving on pot calls.

Anyone can kill a deer, turkeys are the real deal.


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I went to a scratch box an trumpet. Even if the birds ain’t cooperating know I’m sounding different.


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S&R it's never done, and I'm sure you know it after the amount of years you said you've hunted them. Who am I to tell you anything? lol I sense that frustration. They are educated in survival. I consider myself not so good of a caller. And you know calling is a small fraction of it. Turkey noises tell turkeys where you are. Problem is they forget every note in 2 hours. I hunted the same bird the whole season with the same call and killed him late. I'm guilty of using the same call until I lose it, and call in turkeys. I'm not kissing a woman in a dark room just because she has a nice voice. lol No telling what it could be with the lights on.

With different temp, humidity, pressure, strikers, and cadence you can sound like 25 different hens anyway. They don't hear turkey calls, they hear frequencies. They don't have ear lobes, they have holes in their head.

Hard to duplicate a live hen he's walking around with. Wait on his mood to be right. It's tactics and cadence they get used to. Change it up.
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I just had to vent..........

I wish I had a string around his neck.........and every time I called and he didn't a step in my direction.........I would give it a yank!


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May be a baiting thread, all done as in educated all the birds and all done cause he killed 3
Those quest birds will drive you nuts S&R. lol. I haven't got a pic or caught a glimpse of my nemesis this year. Think his number got called in the offseason.
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"No such thing as bad calling some of the worst calling I have ever herd was real turkeys, you may call too loud or to much, most do both but your calling is fine. "

The best turkey hunters I ever new really couldn't call a lick. They could walk quietly in the woods and had the ability to get among birds undetected. A couple clucks is all they needed and maybe one yelp. They would come back to camp with one by the feet.

I have no balance left. So walking quietly is a real challenge for me anymore. But, I go anyway. Is there anything any better, maybe bass fish when it's too windy for me to hear anything in the woods. That's another, hearing, I can''t hear like I could years ago.

Well, no matter, I'll go next week on the best day and give that old sumabuck another swing for the fence. Maybe he will do something stupid.

By the way too loud and too much has always been a problem for me. I think...."He can't hear that or he would gobble back"....foolish me.
You need me to come down to the property next door and do some calling. You will have a sudden influx of turkeys on your side. :bounce: