My exciting deer hunt

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I was hunting with my dad on Veterans day in Wilnkinson County on my papa's property. We were walking towards the stand and i heard a buck grunt, so i told my dad to grunt at it with his grunt call. Then we got in the stand and we heard the buck continue grunting, then we heard a doe start mewing and i knew that the buck had the doe hymned up in some thick stuff over to the right of the stand. We continued to listen and my dad continued grunting at the buck to try and get it to come out, but he never would. Then i turned to the left and looked up and saw a doe standing in the food plot feeding.So i brought my dads gun up and i was shaking so my dad told me to kneel down. Then i got the gun up and she steped behind a tree, so i didn't shoot then she steped out from behind the tree and turned broadside and i shot BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!! she ran and we went to look for blood and there was a big puddle of blood right next to where she turned i wa so excited we found her and that was my story me killing my first deer.
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Sounds like you had a great hunt with your father. :clap: :clap:

Congrats on the deer. :fine: :fine: :fine:

Congrats on getting your 1st :clap:

Many of us were much older than 13 when we got our 1st. That's quite an accomplishment :D
Pictures! We Want Pictures!!!

Congrats! I just think we gained another hunter. Welcome to the community! But you're supposed to bring PICTURES! We want PICTURES!