My Family Could Use Some Prayers


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Prayers for you always R! May God reach dowm and bring comfort to your struggles!
Sorry to hear that Hils, prayers for you and your family. She is pain free and at peace now.


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Really sorry to hear that Robbie, I'm praying for your family right now, and dont be scared to ask if you need anything, even if it's just to talk.


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Condolences and deepest regrets Hils.

Prayers sent for the Family Buddy


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Sorry for your loss, prayers sent for you and your family.


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our deepest condolences and prayers for you and your family, God will heal the pain
Prayers for your family. I hope some of ya'll are able to spend time with your Grandaddy and comfort him through this. I know she was grown, but still she was his little girl. I don't think there is a worse pain than losing ones child. It's like a cancer all of it's own.
man, I missed all this until today Hils.

I am sorry to hear about your aunt and the struggles your family is going thru.

Prayers for your family and I hope you all find peace in this somehow