My favorite snake

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Found him under my propane tank lid. He was resting in a bird nest some birds had built under it. It was empty so I guess he had been using it as a buffet. A corn snake has the prettiest color pattern of any I can think of. They are also great climbers. Had one last year go right up a 40 foot pine like a squirrel. Pretty rare around here. I hadn’t seen one in 30 years and now 2 in the last two years. Maybe they are making a comeback.



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Beautiful snake,I've lived on this place for 46 years,have only seen one.


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Last year I walked out into my back yard and there on the deck was a Corn Snake, and he was a full grown one. The Dog decided not to mess with him. He crawled on off and hid from us.. We had a smaller one but someone ran over that one in the road...One of my neighbors called to me one day when he came across the smaller Corn Snake. Look, look a moccasin...I said no, just a harmless Corn Snake let it be..
Had one crawl up a beam on my front porch and eat a nest of baby birds.


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They are beautiful snakes. And in over half a century stomping around in the woods and fields, I've yet to see a wild one-one of the few southeastern species that I've never seen.


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Some pretty colors there!


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Got a few around here and they are making a comeback. They are a pretty snake.
Ive never seen a live one in the wild.

Seen several different ones run over around lake Russell WMA. They were all silver / grey color phase. real pretty