My First Bear and Captured on Film

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Well, after making some final adjustments and tweaking on my video. I have finally finished my bear hunt. This by far is my most favorite hunting year, thus far. I only look to the future to get better with my camera, in hopes that I can capture better footage and more of God's beauty. Enjoy! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Congrats on a nice bear! I have not filmed any hunts in several years, but it definitely adds another level of difficulty. Nice to see one moving late season.
Congrats on your bear AND getting it on film! I made a mount and put a go-pro style camera on my rifle for the Cohutta hunt. I got a deer and a bear and wasn't able to get either on film...
Great vid! i bought a tactacam last year. Killed 2 bucks and my first bear and in the heat of the moment never turned it on.... :) I really wish I would have gotten video of my bear.
Nice job Slowmow! It's not easy getting solo hunting video footage. Great Bear! Congrats!