My First Trad Kill!

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It's been something that I have been wanting to do for several years. I started shooting a few years ago and finally got good enough to start taking the recurve to the woods with me some last year. I was lucky enough to kill a good buck this season with my compound, so I figured it was time to start taking the recurve and get my first deer. Last Thursday afternoon I sat in the same spot where I had been seeing a bunch of deer.

At around 6:00, I had a lone doe come in and fed for a few minutes at 10 yds. I was just waiting on that perfect shot opportunity. I am only shooting a 45# Bear and arrows that I made out of some wooden dowels. Razor sharp 2 blade Zwickey.

The shot felt perfect and landed right where I was aiming. Man, what a rush!

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Congrats! Great job.


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Congratulations on the first of many! That’s good stuff right there! Kudos for being patient and waiting for the right shot.