My Florida 8 point


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Nice Fla deer! Great job, an archery buck to boot! :clap:

That is a great buck anywhere. Congrats! :bounce:

And on public 'da man! :shoot: :flag:
First, congrats, then...

Great buck anywhere but particularly great in Fla.
I'm prolly setting ma'sef up for something here, but I was wondering if that is a GON hat you are wearing?
Anyway, Congrats on a great buck.
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Yep! GON...could not locate my new Woody's hat at the time. It was only 3:00 in the morning and I was just a little tired.



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Nice one Glenn.

Looks like the twin of the 8-point I killed out there the last day of Archery in 2002.

It took me 4 hours to find mine then came the long drag out at dark, from Orange Lake.

Let me guess, around Garrison Hammock?