My Grandfather left me his Blackhawk when he died

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Ruger .357 Mag. New Model Blackhawk. I am somewhat intrigued with hunting deer with a handgun. Is this a good gun to use?


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If it was me i'd probably not hunt with it but that's just me. I'd hate for something to happen to it. ya know. Either way wouldn't be wrong. You do what you want to do cause he left it to you for you to enjoy.


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try and get some soft nose rounds, stay away from hollow points in that caliber. They won't give you the penetration that your looking for.

Go to and join the forums there. Lot's of good folks there that can help.


Jack Ryan

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How ever far you can hit a tennis ball on the range you are good to go on any archery shot on deer. 150 grain bullet any style bullet you want to put in it will put a deer down if you confine yourself to shots you can make.

Stay away from any high hits on the shoulder and you'll be fine.