My Lake Lanier OWL day pics!!!!!!!!!!!

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I had a great time!!!! Glad I went!! I'm not a freshwater fisherman and this was really my first striper fishing trip!!! Wow it was awesome and everyone had fun!!!

:cool: 1st mate for the day was my new friend Coenen, but I'm gonna call him Hooper because he reminds of the guy on the movie Jaws so much!!! I was lookin for yellow barrels and harpoons and shark fins all day!! Great guy!!! Very good fish finder!!! Hope to fish with this hard workin man again soon!!

Hooper is discussing the fishing approach with Jason and his very respectable 14 yr old son Cody

Jason the ice breaker with the 1st fish of the day!

Cody answers the challenge....kinda

Jason strikes again!

Cody lands couple more spots then strikes back with a striper of his own!

Jason ends the day with a fine spot that ate a whole gizzard shad:hair:

Thanks a million quadrillion times!!!!!

I enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:


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Thanks for the kind words, but give yourself some credit! Without guys like you, willing to donate their time and treasure to a great cause, these events don't run. Coming out to an unfamiliar lake, fishing with new people, and chasing a new species all in one day is a pretty daunting task, and you rose to the challenge! Thank you. :cheers: I hope cleaning the slime off of that pretty new boat wasn't too much of a chore. :bounce:

Jason and Cody(Who'd have y'all know he's ALMOST 15) were a great pair to have on the boat, and fine fishermen to boot. They stuck with us after a brutal, cold, windy, fishless morning, and we were able to rally and get them on some fish. We worked hard for that first bite, but after that it was like the dam broke, and we were on 'em. I couldn't have asked for a better captain and crew to spend a day on the lake with, y'all rocked! :cool:

You guys probably can't tell just by looking, but that is the most relieved fisherman on Lake Lanier in the background of that first "fish" picture.
Awesome! :clap: