My largemouth bass fishing years


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I got a bunch of old lures from a house I was helping the X clean out for an old widow lady.

Some are basically or exactly the same as the same brand/type now.

A few that are over $10 at the store now had price tags a little more or less than 1$ back then.

I'll get them out tomorrow and post some pics.


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Sadly though, since our farm sold and leases are ridiculously high and the fact public land is pretty dangerous, I'm fixing to sell a BUNCH of firearms 8n the next year or so and invest in an off shore boat and all that goes with that.

Hunting is just not as fun to me now as it was when I hunted everyday the season was open.

I do like to shoot. I can get in a good gun club for less than half of a small hunting lease. I'll shoot targets as long as I'm able.


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My favorite lures were top water. Dalton Specials, pork rind eels, Johnson spoon with pork rind, Night fishing with a jigger pole and some home made lures (top water), And of course, big ol Jitterbugs.

Johnson Silver Minnow spoon with Uncle Josh pork rind was one of my go-to lures when I lived in Wisconsin for pike & bass. (y)
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