My opening day success is now an office favorite

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So my team members in my office have always enjoyed my venison and turkey dishes as a result of my successful hunts.

However, after today's lunch, I have my team, and two additional work groups, stating that the bear BBQ I made for today's team lunch was the best BBQ all of them have ever experienced. They said I should give up on deer hunting and focus on bears to keep the good lunches coming.

What made it even more enjoyable was the countless "non-hunters" that at first were bothered by my harvesting of a bear. I'm happy to say that all of them that felt initial bother by my harvest now appreciate the quality of the meat and the full utilization of the bear.

Easy recipe. Take a whole shoulder, and rub it down with any good pork/Boston Butt BBQ rub. Place in a roasting pan, and seal with foil. I place in the oven for 3 hours at 350, followed by 7 hours at 215. I then pull and shred the meat, place in a crock pot on warm with a bottle of BBQ sauce, and let it sit for another 3 hours.



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As if I needed any more motivation. I’m all in! I have been smoking wild hog shoulders and hindquarters on my smoker and the meat has been OK. I am definitely going to try your crockpot idea after it comes off the smoker. Hope I get to try it on a bear this year as well.
Awesome update buddy! That looks like some killer BBQ! I love that you're inteoducing this stuff to people outside the hunting community. People who dont hunt need exposure to stuff like that so that can better umderstand what we do and why. You hit a home run my man. Proud of ya!
Thanks for sharing!
Wife and I crock potted a dry rubbed wild pork backstrap with onions, apples, chicken stock and basalmic. Cooked for about 7 hours. Best pork I’ve ever eaten. I want to try it with a shoulder next.

You’ve really got me wanting a bear now, as if I needed more incentive.