My Trail cam experiences


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I have had all the mainstream trail cameras. First decisions solely on cost and most of them failed after a season or two. ”Moved up” to the bigger brand trail cams. Not as bad as the cheapos but they too had issues. Eventually, I saved up for Reconyx. A world of difference. No missed shots, better picture quality. I had read about the mega pixel fixation and a simple google inquiry gets articles like this which I found compell8ng’t-mean-better-photos/

1st Reconyx Hyper Fire. Just great. Had I had patience it would have been better to save and save then get the Reconyx vs. buying a lot of the cheaper deals. However, you have to go up to the Reconyx camera and pull the SD card. That has issues in putting too much scent down, spooking a deer etc. It is expensive enough I have only one full size Reconyx.

So I thought I would try the Reconyx Microfire with WiFi. Disappointed. WiFi requires you to be ~40 yards or closer to get a signal. Picture quality not as good as its big brother Reconyx.

so, I still have some left over standard brand trail cams I also use with the Reconyx. I won’t get the cell service type cameras. I am at my max for trail cameras.

Not a perfect outcome but just sharing my experiences .
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