NAP Hellrazor vs G5 Montec

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Which is better of the two? they look like the same broadhead. I am switching to a COC broadhead and am looking bewteen the two.
You'd probably be hard pressed to choose one over the other. I shoot HellRazors while a good friend of mine recently started using Montecs. They are both very similar in design. I personally slightly favor the HellRazor for some reason I can't put my finger on.
If I had to choose between the two I would go with the Hellrazor, but I would shoot a Slick Trick over either one. I know the Hellrazor's come four to a pack...atleast the one's I saw did.


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I would shoot both and just see if one flew better than the other with my set up and use the others for whatever I didn't want to tear the others up on


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Same BH for the most part. G5 makes many excellent products and their BH are no exception. I shoot the montecs with great success and they seem to hold their edge very well and are spot on accurate with field points. I shot a doe let a buddy borrow it and he shot a doe with it then his brother killed a coyote with it. All the same head without sharpening it. They are awesome broadheads.
I shot the Montecs for years but I will say the Hellrazor is sharper out of the pack just harder to resharpen . I got away from the Montecs because they seemed to make a pretty loud whistling noise in flight . Killed several deer with them and if you can resharpen them you can kill several deer with the same head .
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How hard is it to sharpen them? I hear both are hard to get a sharp edge on while resharpening.
I haven't had a problem resharpening my HellRazors at all. Maybe it depends on the stone you're using. Cut on contact, resharpable blades are a big selling point to me.
I was told the angle is hard to sharpen on the montecs. I laid mine flat on a diamond stone and the archery shop told me this was wrong for this particular BH . He said it is fine for Hellrazors . I have rolled the tips while hitting bone with the hellrazors but not often . I am thinking about going back to one of them this year . I shoot about 6-10 deer a year in Fl and the broadheads that can be resharpened are a big plus to me .
I used to shot Montecs, but this year I just couldn't get them to fly like my field tips and I usually could. I tried the hellrazors and they fly identical to my field tips and i think they may be a little sharper than the montecs. I'll be using the hellrazors this year
Hellrazors are scary sharp. I've used several broadheads & these were the first that i ever handle where i truly respected the sharpness. I shot a deer with one and the broadhead went thru the buck and he had no idea he was shot. He walked maybe 10 yards and then bedded down for his final resting place.
I've been using the G5 montecs for 5 or so years.

When a local hunt shop when belly up I bought most of their 100 gr stock, so I guess I'll be shooting them for another 5-6 years based on how many BHs I have left unopened.

They've killed every animal that they've hit for me so I am happy about that.