National Hunting & Fishing Day Events in GA

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GAWRD is hosting several large events across the state to celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day on September 27.

It’s also a free fishing day for Georgia residents.

In our north Georgia Fisheries region, we are hosting or supporting three such events:
1) Kids Fishing Rodeo on the Hooch below Buford Dam
2) 13th Annual Outdoor Adventure Day at Unicoi State Park near Helen
3) Outdoor Adventure Day at Sloppy Floyd State Park near Summerville

They are a great way to introduce families to the outdoor sports.

That’s good for the sport and for conservation. Feel free to pass this information along to your family and friends.

Interested folks can contact our regional secretary, Olivia McClure (770-535-5498) if they have additional questions.

Jeff Durniak
GAWRD North Georgia Region Fisheries Supervisor

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I will piggy back on your posts with some information on the Kids Free Fishing Event at Buford...

The DNR and some great companies including Humminbird are sponsoring the “KIDS”FREE FISHING EVENT on Saturday, September 27, 2014 from 9am to 1pm. This event will occur at the Lower Pool Park below Buford Dam and is open to all kids age 15 and under – Kids must be accompanied by an adult. Life jackets are highly recommended and are actually required by law for anglers of all ages when wading the river. The Buford Trout Hatchery will stock over 2,500 Rainbow Trout at the Dam on the morning of the event! A limited number of fishing poles will be available as loaner poles. Hot Dogs, Drinks, and Snacks will be provided at No Charge!


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Sounds like an awesome time. The one at Sloppy Floyd is only about an hour drive but unfortunately we got the "late game" that weekend in soccer. Maybe next year...


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Hey guys this is a great event put on by our DNR. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please pass the word.


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There will be a bunch of GON members doing the archery venue at Unicoi for this event. At Unicoi they also have bb-gun and skeet shooting, bass fishing, trout fishing, fly tying, canoeing. Lots of kids, lots of fun.