NC Search & Rescue

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Went to the Cape Fear area for a few days to help out with the rescues they were needing Airboats over there real bad, most of the people were out although we did find one elderly couple way in the back of the area we were searching, there house was on high ground and they did not want to leave so we just brought them some supplies that they asked for, the rest of the time we spent tending to large Animals and evacuating small ones NC28.JPG NC37.jpg NC28.JPG NC32.JPG NC30.JPG NC29.JPG
That is a lot of water! Thanks for your service to others.
We have missed your airboat shots - maybe we can get some more under better circumstances.


Thanks for what y'all do. I was really surprised a week after the storm hit when I was driving home one afternoon on I-40 and passed a whole convoy of search and rescue, swiftwater rescue, fire, and paramedic vehicles from Los Angeles County, California that were headed back home. That's a long drive those guys made.