NE Alabama 625 Acres

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Hello Everyone.
I just picked a beautiful 625 Acres in DeKalb County Alabama outside of Ider. Alabama. This is prime land with, Camping, Power, Water camping around the lake. Skinning Rack, Deer Cooler. Mature Hardwoods, 12 Green Fields, Ponds, Creeks, Rotation of crops on property and neighbors properties. Tall mature pines, many entry gates around properties. Pin in Pin Out System. Hunting mature Bucks and Does Only. This place is the Wow Factor. We have two members now looking for maybe two or 4 more , no more than 6. Property managed since 1992 and homeowner lives on property. He’s 72 and decided to hunt the 100 acres around his home and lease us the other. Roads are awesome, plantation type place and it’s not cheap. If we do 4 members it will be $3400 each and 6 members will run about $2300 a member. Hunts very big and gently rolling. Deer and Turkey sign every where! Send me a pm for Maps or Text Me 678-733-7378
I will bookmark this for 2022-2023 season if you would you be so kind as to alert me as soon as an opening appears . Thanks
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Everyone that is interested, please call or text me at 678-733-7378. I’ve been out of town a lot over last 3 weeks. Will be showing the property over the next few weeks and will fill fast.