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What is your closest and farthest shot on a deer and with what?
Closest shot for me was with a Rem 870 in 12ga at 24 inches.
Farthest shot was witha Rem 700 in 25.06 at 230 yards.

Have ya ever shot a double, triple, more?
Iv got more then a dozen doubles, and 3 or 4 triples.
The most Iv shot in one day is 6.

What is your best ratio of hunting trips and kills?
For me, it was this past season, I killed 5 deer in 5 trips.

What is the farthest you have ever had to track a deer?
For me is was well over a mile. Client shot a decent deer at 9:30AM and I tracked it down and finished it off at 4:30PM that same day, at 1 mile away - most tireing, weary, gruling day Iv ever had in the field!!

Ever killed a buck that made the state record book, or would have if you hadnt done sumptin silly or stupid?
I have killed 3, gave 1 away and lost the other 2 somewhere along the way between SC and AL.

Lighest deer, Heaviest deer?
3? and 190 sumptin for me

Ever done something illegal as far as game/fish laws pertains? Be truthful, LOL!!
I will say yes, to both, and then let ya know that the statute of limitations has run out - back when I was younger and dumber - ouch!!

Most shots to kill 1 deer?
For me, it was when I was about 13, took 9 12ga 00 shells to kill him. I ate him up from one end to the other, up, down and front and back. He only went maybe 15-20 yards from the first shot, but the old fellas at deer camp always told me "if he is getting up and moving, keep pouring it to him" and I did.

Ever seen a buck fight? Heard one?
Iv heard 2 or 3 and seen one - and the one I watched was neat - 3 bucks fighting/sparring!!

The highest yu have ever hunted?
Id say 40+ feet for me - swaying back and forth!!!!

Most "bizarre" other critter you have encounterd while hunting deer?
River Otters for me - cool!!!!!

Longest time on stand at one time?
8 hours for me - Boring!! Stiff!!

Shortest hunt - time you was in your stand until you fired on a deer?
Less then 2 minutes for me - and the deer ran to within 30 yards of my vehicle - nice buck!

Hottest hunt?
South Alabama, close to 100 - had on shorts, a tee and tennis shoes

Coldest Hunt?
6 hours in 18 degrees - never do that again with my shorts a tee and tennis shoes on, LOL!!

States/places you have hunted?
AL, FL, MS, LA, NC, SC and GA
Have you killed deer in all them places?

Favorite Method to hunt deer?

Favorite Weapon?
Remington 870 with 00 Buck

Biggest buck you have ever seen, while hunting or not hunting, and dint get a crack at would score/weigh what?
Id give him close to 250lbs and close to 200", York Co, SC.
10 miles south of Charlotte, NC


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Nearest was bout 8 ft--a big ol doe

Farthest was 355yds w/.270Win & a 140 Silver Tip from a
Rem 7oo

Weirdest animal in the wood I've seen was probably an otter too--at the foot of Grassy (Cohutta WMA)

Weirdest shot was on a doe at about 240yds with a .35Rem--yeah I was yung & dum.

I have had three or four doubles , but no triples unless you count misses.

I once missed 8 deer at one sitting while I was still in High School---man a Rem 742 can spit em out ( Hence the reason I now use a bolt)

I have never broken any game laws.( in this century )

I did actually see what could have been a state record , or close while on a hunt at BF Grant ( 1989 ) He was chasing does out in a field/pasture. I had to stand right next to a DNR man and just watch. We guessed that buck to be some where in the 175-185 class--I did not sleep well that night. :cry:

I think I did a 8 for 8 trip in 1993. That wa a good year! ( see statute of limitations )

Most shots on a deer was 5 on a doe....But I think I hit a hog once 7 times...1-.270 , 2-.357 , 2-7mm Mag then again with the pistol twice more. He weighed 125lbs ( less shot )

The highest I have ever hunted---I wasn't in a tree stand :bounce: No I don't do that any more and didn't much then...but I did once or twice..always in camp though.

Lets kill the rest of these answers real quick
85 degres
13 degrees
Georgia, Oklahoma
Rem 700 .270 Win
And I am thru !