Neat Picture

That sort of picture and sentiment makes you smile.

Knickers, nice boots, a sweater and a jacket. I never looked like that and neither did my dad but it is a great picture just the same and with slightly less formal clothing I could have make that picture once upon a time in the long ago.


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Yep, I was never that formal, but the theme was me.
Me and a beagle headed to a thicket.

At 16 it was me and Queen. She layed on an old tattered quilt in the floor board of a Chevy II. We’d pray for light snow to make the tracking easy. Might find a pheasant track to add to the rabbits.

I was more this kid, thanks for the memories. FDD4946B-46BA-4BE5-88C3-7C808A54F86D.jpeg
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Yes sir, that was much more like me except the dog would be a lemon colored English Pointer.

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When I was a youngun growing up I had a pointer and a couple walker coonhounds. Probably only fourteen year old in county that had hunting dogs back then.