Need a float partner? Need a shuttle? Post your upcoming Trips here!


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Friday or Saturday, 7/10 and 7/11, I'll be on the Canoochee near Claxton. I am going to launch from Nevils-Daisy road. Any one want to come fish with me? Shoot me a PM.
Satilla Float Partner

Looking to float the Satilla River between Jamestown and 84 bridge at Waycross. I will be fishing for redbreast and bass. It's a little over 8 river miles. Pm me if interested.
The Toccoa below Blue Ridge Dam is fishing decent. Several of us went Sunday. The hooch below buford dam is the better choice right now for this late summer trout tailwater fishing. We got rises from all three trout varieties in the morning. After 10:30 am the trout would not come off the bottom. Staying in the deep pools and extra deep riffle runs. Spinners were replaced with artificial Plastics on a carolina rig for the remainder of the day.



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Anyone up for paddling the Hooch north of Atlanta this weekend?

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Hello all, I'm going to be camping on the mighty chattooga river next month. I'm pretty familiar with the river on sections 1, 2 and the first three miles of 3. I was originally planning on camping at a spot around the half way mark on section 2 that I've camped before. But this will leave me a lot of river to do Sunday. So as an alternate I was thinking on camping Dicks creek falls. Has anyone camped there ? The spot in question is about 100 yards or so up river of the Dicks creek falls rapid on the shelf that goes across the river proper. On the Georgia side I seem to remember a sandy beach area where I met some people a few years ago that hadn't boated in. From what I've read the trail starts on Sandy ford rd just before you get to the creek fording spot. And from there it is about 3 miles ? to dicks creek. Is there a way to reach that spot north of the rapid / waterfall from the main trail. I will be boating in but I have some friends that would prefer to hike in.


Hey, I like to canoe the Etowah above Allatoona, and I live in west Forsyth county. If you are going and need company hit me up via PM here. Thanks.
I would like to Float the tunnel section of the Etowah. Anyone
up for it?
I would also Like to float the Coosa, Toccoa, And upper Hooch. Or any other river for that matter. I am always interested in floating new water and making new friends.
I have found that several other people are interested in the same so you can post them here. Thanks, hope this helps some. Hopefully the mods will make this a sticky.
I've done the tunnel twice in a canoe. We put in at Castleberry Bridge and float to Hwy 136. It's a haul, best if the river is up some, like NOW. :)
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New to site, new to kayaking i live in Woodstock, if anyone needs company fishing pm me. I've been to Lake Acworth and Allatoona but want to do some river fishing. Not picky on where within hr of Woodstock and Im fine with it Etowah, Hooch, Toccoa etc... Don't matter. Love fishing for trout and want to fish for bass and striper. Free most Fri, Sat, Sundays and have a truck and plenty of straps for multiple kayaks.
Welcome to the site.
Anyone want to fish Lanier or Alatoona this weekend? Not sure what day as of yet but most likely on Saturday. I'm Coming up From the South Side (McDonough), going to be my first trip since the monsoon rolled in months ago.