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This was a tough season in our area with all the rain. My retirement age parents have not harvested anything the past couple of years. They let the does walk and juvenile bucks when they do see deer because we don't have that many. It is getting harder for them to access the better hunting spots on the land we have access too.

So here is my question, can you guys recommend and a good, family friendly place to book a hunt for next season? Some place within 2-3 hours of Stephens county. Doesn't have to be trophy, just an easy access place with good chances of bagging a hog or deer over a 2-3 day period. I would like to give them a good hunt next season as an early Christmas maybe. What suggestions do y'all have?



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Not sure about outfitters in Ga but I think I’d spend a little time researching clubs in the area within an hr or 2 from u and some good ones come up on here in the lease section, and I’d bet u can find a place with easy access with nice stands in place that u could easily help them and even if u had to pay for 2 memberships it would be as cheap or cheaper than a guided hunt and y’all could use the property all year
Cowden Plantation in Jackson, SC. I know they do day hunts.

I was there with a friend who is a member last fall, before the GA season opened. I saw quite a few deer, and shot a nice 10 point.