Need a tow

I'm 30 minutes from the savannah river 15 from the ogechee and 15 from the Conooche rivers anytime you call I can get you a tow and I go to Sinclair santee and clarkhill a good bit just call 9126635446
I'm about 10 mins from Kings Ferry boat ramp on the Ogeechee.


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I just read this ahead. Hey, any of us can need help any time! I'm a geezer, fish alone a lot, and the other day, daggnabbit, lost me balance fell backwards and hit me old head on the motor! Wow, I thought this might not have turned out good. I have a lot of physical pain, arthritis, etc., but hey, we cannot give up our fishing! I'll be glad to help if I can. I'm in Appling near Winfield, but can get to Clarks Hill anywhere soon enough to help a man in trouble.


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I'll gladly help any boat as always , but I'm a sea tow member myself . It's only $175.00 a year and they have a boat on Sinclar and Oconee , never needed them but it's nice to know they are there , as nice as everyone is I would not be calling for assistance.