Need help with a Glock

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I have recently purchased this Glock for my girlfriend as her first gun. We were trying to break it down last night for cleaning
but could not get the slide to release. According to the instructions all you have to do is pull back the slide slightly and pull down
on the release switches on either side of the gun evenly then pull the slide back fully and then it should slide off the front.
Well we tried multiple times until our fingers were about bleeding and gave up. Im a Sig guy and mine comes apart easily.
Any tips or ideas as to what we are doing wrong ? 20210316_190726.jpg
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Thank you. That I did not do. I must have missed it in the instructions.

Make sure the gun is empty! Then pull the trigger. Pull pack the slide just a little put with your dominant hand and pull down on the take down tabs on both sides. When you pull the tabs down, release the slide.

You have to pull the trigger on a glock before you can field strip it.
When you grab the slide like that and basically squeeze your hand the slide goes where needed.
It was step 6. But we read by pics often and that is what got you. You went to the top of the next page and started grabbing it as shown.
I forget about the trigger every time.