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I'm relatively new to kayak fishing, and would like to hit up some local streams to fish. I'm used to wading creeks and streams (think Alcovy River, parts of the Oconee River), and will take my yak out to local beat up little public access ponds and reservoirs (Tribble Mill, Yargo) to attempt to catch some fish, but those places get old fast.
Now as a father, I guess I'm just not as bold as I used to be, because the thought of just dumping my yak in the hooch and hoping for the best leaves me a little concerned. Not that I'm incompetent on the water or anything, I've logged hundreds of miles in rivers across the south in a canoe over my life time, in waters both big and small. But I'll be solo due to the completely unplanned nature of my excursions, and have a family to get back to,
I'm based in Gwinnett, and with a busy life, I can typically only get away for about 3-4 hours, including drive time. Every once in a while I can make a day of it. Where would you recommend I go for moving water and fish? I would occasionally have the ability to have my wife drop me at point A and pick me up later at point B, but something I could paddle up stream and fish back would be ideal.

More info that might help you recommend something for me.
I'm in an Ascend fs128t yak, just a paddle for power. Not interested in doing any crazy rapid in this thing, it turns like a barge, but it's very stable.
I'm reasonably in shape, I'll need a real meal in me before anything else slows me down.
I'll fish for anything, not one of these gotta be a bass guys, though I do fish for bass a lot. I'm not really setup for cats though. I have an ultra light spinning rig on 6lb mono for streams and panfish, a 7'3MH bait caster with 30lb braid for frogging and swim baits, and a 7'M spinner with 8-12lb mono for soft plastics and general use.
Anchor no poles yet.
Yes I wear a pfd

Thanjs for any help!
In the Chattahoochee below Buford dam, at every boat ramp you can put in and paddle up stream far enough to float back and catch plenty of fish. I use a drag chain to keep the kayak floating at the right angle and slow me down for better fishing. Hollis Lathem Reservoir is not too far and Lanier is good back in the coves and during non jet ski / wake boat times.