Need some advice

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I have recently switched from right to left hand shooting because of my dominate eye being the left. I bought an e32 and really like the bow and up until a week ago have been shooting good groups out to 40 yards. 20 and 30 yard groups averaged around 2". Then, all of a sudden last week I am all over the place. up, down, sideways and in between. I know it's nearly impossible to diagnose with out watching me shoot but any of y'all have an idea as to what you think is most likely the cause? I've never had any instruction on shooting a bow. Only what I've read and heard from buddys. I've always shot well enough with out it and never had problems like this so I'm honestly just in the dark as to where to begin looking to get this fixed by this weekend. I wouldn't even go sit in the stand the way I'm shooting this past week. Might as well bring a spear
Really no way to know, only advice I can give you is to just start shooting up close, 10 yards, and regain some confidence and work on basic form. Good luck.