Need Turkey Tail Feathers

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****Traded**** I am in need of some turkey tail feathers. I paint on them and am willing to trade a painted one for a few good ones. This is an example of some that I've painted.


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Pictures don`t do these justice. They are mighty purty!
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Wow I didn't expect this much response, Thanks for the offers, I'm working on a trade. Thanks for the compliments.


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Jodi, the feathers are truly lovely to look at!!!:D
Just noticed this post while browsing for turkey feather stuff. You have an AMAZING talent!! If you ever need anymore feathers, PM me. I have about 3 fans worth of feathers kept away for crafty purposes!

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I can provide you with about all the turkey feathers you can stand next spring. no payment needed. just keep this in mind as I always give our feathers away.
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Thanks ya'll, I appreciate it and will keep you all in mind if I need any.