*** New 2020 ASA Shooter of the Year Rules ***

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Here are the NEW 2020 Rules for the ASA Shooter of the Year for Georgia. If anyone has any question just hit us up. There have been some changes made, it’s going to be more important than ever to go to these Qualifiers. More Points add for Qualifiers.

2020 ASA Ga. Federation Shooter of the Year

1. All shooters will be an ASA member before competing in any of the ASA Ga. State Qualifiers or State Championship. Shooters may shoot in fun class if not a member of ASA.

2. The program must include all amateur classes recognized by the ASA. The Qualifier classes and rules should be the only rules and classes during Qualifier.

3. Classes must average at least 2 paying competitors per Qualifier to receive any bonus points. If less than 2 shooters, participation points and score will be the only score received.

4. Shooter of the Year awards will be presented based on competitors in each class. 1st Place 3-5 shooters. 1st and 2nd Place 6-10 shooters. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place 11 or more shooters.

5. There are no Shooter of the Year for Pro Classes.

6. Semi-Pro and Amateur Classes will be based on a shooter’s three (3) highest Qualifiers scores and State Championship score.(Total of 4 Scores)

7. Shooter of the Year awards in all classes that average less than three (3) competitors per event for the season may be reduced or eliminated based on actual participation.

8. Each ASA State may conduct a Shooter of the Year program if they conduct a minimum of six (6) Qualifiers.

9. Competitors must compete in at least Three (4) of the scheduled Ga. Qualifiers and shoot Ga. State Championship to be eligible for SOY awards.

10. The ASA will provide Shooter of the Year plaques at the State Championship.

11. Competitors points will come from best three (3) scores from all Qualifiers they shoot and State Championship Score. At each shoot, every competitor will receive 30pts. for participation. 1st Place gets a 25pt. bonus for 1st place and 4pts. for each competitor they beat. 2nd Place gets a 10pt. bonus for 2nd place and 3pts. for each competitor they beat. 3rd Place gets a 5pt. bonus for 3rd place and 2pts. for each competitor they beat. Shooters will only receive there score for The State Championship. (NO BOUNUS)

12. In case there is a tie at the end of the season, both participants will receive an award .

13. Multi State Qualifiers that are in Ga. are the ONLY ones that will count for score.

14. The Only Classes that will NOT COUNT in SOY are NOVICE and K-40. These two classes will not have a Shooter of the Year for 2020.

Points for Shooter of the Year are awarded using the following formula:

Shooters total score for that Qualifier

30 points for tournament participation

Bonus Points
First Place – 25pt. Bonus plus 4 points for each competitor you beat.

Second Place – 10pt. Bonus plus 3 points for each competitor you beat.

Third Place – 5pt. Bonus plus 2 points for each competitor you beat.

Score Examples:
Competitor places 3rd in a 15 person class: 188 (score) + 30 (participate) +5 (3rd place) + 24 (number shooter beat) = total 247

Competitor places 2nd in a 5 person class: 200 (score) + 30 (participate) + 10 (2nd place) + 9 (number shooters beat) = total 249

Competitor places 1st in a 10 person class: 204(score) + 30 (participate) + 25 (1st place) + 36 (number shooters beat) = total 295

Any problems or issues the State Director will have final decision.
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Where is the Ga ASA state shoot going to be at this year ?