New AR-15 Build...

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Nice. They are very sweet but I don’t think I’ll buy another set any time soon. VERY VERY expensive. Also, I don’t like ARs that much hahaha.
Yes insanely expensive, but for these two I kind of went all next build is going to be a long range medium bore...bolt action...
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Edit: I have the 1-6 and have looked through the 1-10. You’re gonna like it and it’s gonna do exactly what you intend to ask of it
Yeah I am excited...looked through one, and have a friend in the industry who ordered it for me...but just have to wait on it...probably here around December...


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ChildJ mine weighs exactly 11 pounds with scope, mounts, sling and a fully loaded 20 round magazine. It is perfectly balanced right in front of the magazine. Longer barrels make them front heavy which I don't like.


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@GT-40 GUY i think I saw a picture of it in a different thread. Do you have a parts list somewhere you could link? I’m in the hospital now but when I get home, my elusive muzzle device should be on the porch waiting if the kids don’t tear into it first. Then I’ll have it finished and head down the road to do some shooting.

With a 20 round mag loaded, I would be alright if it only hit 11 lbs
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Here it is, as promised. Came home from the hospital real quick to check on my kids and while I was home, I put the comp on so it’s ready now. Hopefully I can get discharged tomorrow and shoot it!

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Buddy that looks sweet! I hope it drives tacks! I really like it...I am still waiting on my parts to come back from Cerakote. No ETA yet though should be soon...

As soon as I can post pics, I will!
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@ChidJ We will see. The PRS is a heavy stock, but I did go with a lithium aluminum hand guard. We'll see. Lots of Ti and alloy on mine, and 18" fluted barrel...keep you posted!
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Well as promised, getting ready to spin this thread back stuff is on the way back from Cerakote, and these arrived this week:


So basically everything is here sans a few rail attachments...but the bulk of it is in the house and we'll start assembling this weekend...