New Beginnings...JT and Bubba Live From The Tree 2015

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Yep it's that time again!

A huge dodge pulled into town and after a quick stop at the storage we are loaded to the gills and are rolling thru NW IL.

This season we will have around 50 days of non stop whitetail action while we chase the rut all over the midwest. We have brand new farms in IL and MO and are visiting IA for the first time...combine that with both of us having new families and women folk in our lives....yeah New Beginnings only makes sense.

We start out tomorrow just west of Havana IL in Fulton County on a farm that's a horse trail riding farm all year except during season. This farm lays out great with a perfect mix of crops and woods. Lots of fingers and a great landowner. It seems to have great sign, but we truly don't know anything about the population. We plan to to be there all next week.

Sometime around the 1st we hit the road to a new farms in Chariton County MO. We have never laid eyes on this farm and have no idea what to expect other than the aerial looks great and it has a good landowner.

From there on the 8th we will slip north across the IA line and will do our annual Outfitter Spotlight. We will be hunting with new friend Austin Maas at Broken Brow Outfitters . Not much we can say except it's Iowa and we have our hopes about as high as they can be that we will be in the bucks.

We are there until the 13th before we head up to Niobrara state Park to a cabin on top of a mountain. We will be visiting good friends and landowners Duane and Peggy in Verdigre Nebraska. This farm was decimated by Blue Tongue 4 years ago on our first visit and has been fighting to come back, with every year being better and better. The genetics are there to be a world class farm! You also never know what the weather will bring...last year many of you will remember the absolutely brutal weather. We should be there until the 20th.

Then from there it is up in the air. We will be heading back to the farms in either IL or MO for a few days. Then back home to IN and GA for turkey day. While home I expect to be in a tree in IN keeping the thread alive.

After thanksgiving with the family we will make a plan for about 2 weeks of December hunting. At that point it all depends on what the new farms looked like.

It also depends on whether Bubba is able to draw his bow after his appendectomy a couple weeks back and how many times I get lost in the woods and how often we get shot at by crazy neighbors and how many poachers we have to run off....yeah all the normal entertainment!

Like always we will have a handful of the usual folks hunting with us....Hunk and Scott and Larry along with a few others that will jump in and out. Artie won't be on the road, but I'm sure he'll be posting up....same with any and all of you, feel free to post your daily updates and photos. Everyone is ALWAYS welcome here! The more the merrier. Yall are what makes this so successful every year and participation is vital.

Remember that we can't control the weather (it's freaking 82 right now!), the deer movement, the cell reception etc....the only thing we can all control is the entertainment. Sometimes it's slow as molasses and sometimes it's so fast we can't keep up. Just know that we will do all we can to be wide open and lay it all out the Live for you to see, hear and feel it just like we are!

Load up's time!



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Good luck! That's the best storage shed stuff I've ever seen!


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Ya'll in a tree yet or what?:bounce:

Hope Bubba is back in fighting trim in a jiffy!
Thought about this the other day, and was hoping I hadn't missed the start of it. Been looking forward to it. Absolute best of luck to you all, please be safe, and hope you all get a biggun.
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Thanks folks!

Sunday's Money....come on man get in the truck!

2 hours left on the road and a quick grocery store stop before heading to the farm. I'll probably get in a tree in the morning just for giggles while Bubba does some scouting. We have to get a ground blind in for him since he can't climb for another week.
Good luck Fellas .... Kill a Giant .... We will be just down 24 from you in just over a week !!! We will be in a tree Monday afternoon Nov 2nd !!! Be safe and Go LFTT !!!! It's TIME
Yes sir, we know it's close where y'all thread starts up. Good luck and be careful.
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