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I am looking at buying a new recurve bow.I have been shooting a old recurve and would like to get a new one.I have never killed anyrhing with a recurve or a long bow.I am looking at buying either a 45 or 50 pound bow for deer size game ? Which one should I buy ? Thanks


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Don't know where you're located, but if you're close to Albany go see Big Jim. He's got a ton of bows, both recurve and longbows in a range of weights that you can shoot (and shoot some more!) and find out what you like. A word of caution - be careful or you'll wind up "on the list"!


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I agree with the above posts unless you plan to hunt elk or moose. In that case you should be shooting 50 or 55. 45 will kill anything in Georgia. Poundage doesn't matter if the arrow isn't in the right place. Since you say you already are shooting a recurve, I assume it is 45. Not sure I would jump from 40 to 50. If you are like most of us this wont be your last bow, anyway:).