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This may be a little lengthy. The pictures will be worth it!

Over the course of the last several months our family has had some great loss. My Dad lost his battle with cancer right before thanks giving and 57 days later we lost my Uncle to Covid-19, both before their 65th birthdays, they were best friends for most of those years. After my dads passing I decided that I would move forward with some dreams of mine and get serious about getting my bird dog and doing A LOT more upland hunting. Me and my dad did some hunting together, but he never carried a gun. He loved to take pictures however, and was always there to capture the memories.

Now fast forward to finding my new dog Agnes, from Walnut Hill Kennels, right before Christmas. In a former life I was a Police K-9 and quite honestly did not want to go through the time of training a puppy to a finished bird dog. Rick delivered on his word and we received a fine fished German Shorthair. I came to this forum and shared Agnes and I's first hunt and was welcomed with many great responses. Member dslc6487 though was reminded of a time with his dogs from back when there were more quail in the fields of Georgia then there were on the farms. I can't imagine those days but I thought it would be fun to hear them from someone who obviously shared the same passion that I do about walking behind a good bird dog chasing these little winged rockets through the fields. So I reached out to dslc6487 and invited him to spend some time behind Agnes one day and make some new memories.

After a little bit of surprise he agreed and I learned that dslc6487 also goes by Mr. Frank. This Sunday afternoon we were finally about to make it all come together and get into the field. I'm not sure if it was me, my wife, Mr. Frank, or Agnes that was most excited to go but we arrived at South Fork Hunting Preserve that afternoon and everyone was rearing to go. Mr. Frank had not hunted quail in some 20 years. While it was a little warm we made it to one of my favorite fields and quickly began wearing down some boot leather behind Agnes. It was warm, a little difficult for Agnes, but she didn't let us down. We found our "coveys" and Mr. Frank hadn't forgot a thing in those 20 years absent from the field, several times batting cleanup for myself. We spent the better part of the afternoon sharing stories of family, friends, and old dogs in-between Agnes points. The staff at South Fork took care of the birds while we enjoyed winding down and talking about our favorite parts of the hunt that day. For me, and I hadn't told Mr. Frank yet but it had to be the fact that Agnes returned more birds to him that she did me, totally out of character for her but it was joyfully allowed.

It is great to have a new dog that makes me look good when I can do my part. it is even greater to have made a new friend in the field and memories, captured by my wife's love of photography, that will last a lifetime. Thank you to my wife for that, and thank you Mr. Frank for teaching me a few things and the privilege to hunt with you and now call you my friend.

Here's just a quick few from the day. Will get some more up this week.
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Well done, I applaud you both with a standing ovation for Agnes.


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That's the way to spend a day! You and Mr. Frank may never truly understand what you've done for each other. People seem to show up in our lives at the right time. Good dogs too for that matter. Thanks for sharing.


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A great story by every measure. Thank you for sharing. Nothing like the good times in the outdoors with friends, old stories shared, and a good dog.

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A very heartwarming story. Thanks for posting.


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Well, this is Mr. Frank: Kind of lengthy, but well worth the read......
I was flipping through the forums one day and I saw a some pictures of Agnes in the field. First thing that struck me was how beautiful she was. There were a couple of pictures of her pointing, and that brought back memories from 40-50 years ago(I am 75) when I was a very avid quail hunter and back to a time when there were plenty of wild quail in my area(middle Georgia). Now, I have not heard a quail whistle in over 25 years. Those memories put me back behind my dog, Joe, he was a drop(half pointer and half setter). I thought he was the best bird dog that I had ever hunted with until I met Agnes. I have never hunted with another bird dog that covered the field and hunting terrority better than Agnes. She was amazing!! Never broke a point. A couple of times, we walked right by her and she held her point. She zig zagged across the field and she did not leave any area that was not hunted. When we got through hunting a field and ready to move on to the next one, you could rest assured that there were no more birds in the field that you were leaving.
Yep, Agnes brought more downed birds back to me than she did to ATLGSP. I think it is because I am so good looking, and I sure did fall in love with her.

I commented back to ATLGSP about Agnes and my memories of hunting quail back in the years. He returned my post and at first, I did not quite understand it. I read it about 3 times and I finally realized that he was inviting me to join him and Agnes on a quail hunt. So, I messaged him back, and to make a long story short, he invited me to join him and Agnes on a quail hunt. I more than readily accepted and this past Sunday afternoon, we met at South Fork Hunting Preserve in Royston, Ga.
ATLGSP also brought his beautiful wife along to be our photographer. So, we got to the fields and Agnes was turned loose for our hunt. The Preserve had placed 20 quail out for us, 3 Chuckars, and 1 pheasant. We hunted from around 3 until about 5:30, Agnes pointed many times, on small coveys and a good many single birds. We killed 18 of the quail, 2 of the Chuckars and we did not find the pheasant. Two of the quail got away from us(ATLGSP missed them and I did not have a good shot), we did not find the third Chuckar and the pheasant probably just walked away from where he was placed.

What a wonderful day!! Memory making day!! I (me) was the happiest person at South Fork yesterday, and this includes all of the dogs too. I was the happiest animal there. This was by far the most fun and memorable day that I have had in years.

My wife of 44 years and myself have had some trying time for the last 2 years. My wife was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrigs Disease in May of 2019. So, we are now on this journey. It is tough. My wife is the most musically talented person that I have ever met. She plays floor harp, mountain dulcimer, guitar, psaltry,
piano, most any musical instrument except horned instruments. She also sings beautifully. So far, it has just affected her legs. She walks with braces on both ankles and a cane, but her mobility is gradually decreasing. Also, when it starts to affect her arms and hands where she can't play her instruments, I am not sure how she will react, or, me for that matter. Breaks my heart to see her just deteriorate in front of me and there is not a thing that I can do to stop it. Also, I am the primary caregiver, and I am 75 years old. My wife is 10 years younger than me at 65. I just pray that the good Lord will keep my physically and mentally healthy enough to take good care of her. Also, I am a decorated, disabled, combat veteran of the Vietnam War and have some injuries and issues that I deal with on a daily basis.

The staff at South Fork were very gracious to us. I was very impressed with the owners and all of their staff. They had had a pheasant throw on yesterday and they gave me 8 pheasants that were not picked up after the shoot. Also, all of our birds were cleaned, packed in ice, and I have some very good "eating" in our freezer right now. Anyone out there that is looking for a good place to quail hunt, I would highly recommend South Fork Preserve in Royston, Ga.

There are not suitable words to describe how much I appreciate what ATLGSP, his very delightful wife, and Agnes did for me yesterday. ATLGSP did not know me. He knew nothing about me other than our communication through this forum. He reached out to me from the goodness and kindness of his heart and for that, I am so thankful. You do not meet this kind of man and his family very often especially this day and time.

Yesterday, we made memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Yesterday, I made friends that i will cherish for the rest of my life. ATLGSP, thank you so much for responding to my text about Agnes and reaching out to me. In the first pictures of her on the forum, she looked like a marvelous dog. And, she proved it beyond measure yesterday. M. thank you so very much for accompanying us and taking lots of wonderful pictures. Can't wait to get the edited photos from you.

And, for my new friends, I wish for you to have many, many years of happy hunting with Agnes. She is truly a remarkable, beautiful pointer. And, ATLGSP and wife, you are truly an honorable, gracious, loving, and giving couple.

Thank you, my new friends, for giving to me, a remarkable and memorable day out of the kindness and generosity of your heart. A day that I will remember for ever and friends that I will never forget....

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Thank you sir for sharing that with us.


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What a outstanding story ! Beautiful dog also . This if proof this crazy world still has good people in it and many are on this forum ! And Mr Frank I hope your journey with your wife is peaceful and many prayers for you both from me !