New from Statesboro!

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Hi guys,

I've lived in GA all my life. I'm originally from Harlem/Augusta but moved down here after a stint in the Army and I work for Georgia Southern now. Love hunting, fishing, and metal detecting! Anyone close?

Just wanted to say hello.



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Hi neighbor. I live near Dearing and am a GSC grad from back in the day.
Welcome to Woody's.
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Thanks everyone! I’ve only ever hunted and fished private property but don’t have any around here. Checked out Canoochee Sandhills a couple of times and sat in a tree on Sunday for a few hours and didn't see anything. Plenty of tracks and other deer sign around, but no deer. Heading to Oliver today to walk around a bit with my daughter and maybe shoot a few squirrels. Any recommendations on which would be better for archery(deer)?


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Class of 91 (left in 87 with one class left to take a job...drove 2xs/wk from Atl in 91 to finish and ended up moving back). Stayed in the Boro until 97.