New generator

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That’s what I got,bought it about three years ago.I’ve never put gas in it I always run it on propane so far so should serve ya well..


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Was perusing the isles at Sams club in Athens and came across a Champion dual fuel generator 4375/3500watt for $357.88. After reading up on it I’m gonna pull the trigger tomorrow and pick one up for using when camping off grid. All the reviews and videos I’ve watched say it’s very good.
After having Shopped for months for a generator I would say that is a heck of a deal. Good brand also. I ened up getting a larger one since i also wanted it to run my house. Mine is dual fuel also. Bought 2 40lb tanks at tractor supply.


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That is a good deal! I don't think I'd ever use gasoline if I had that option.


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Very nice. If it was an inverter type, I would get one.
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After spending 5 days at Pippin Lake Campground (Piedmont NWR), I ran the generator about 15 hours total, mostly 3 hours at a time. 1) I used almost a 20lb tank of propane (I have not put gasoline in it and probably won’t) and 2) it ran everything I needed it too without even straining. At one point I had my air conditioning going, refrigerator on, interior and exterior lights on, and my hot water heater. Overall I’m very happy for what I paid for it. Of course a $3000 quite Honda would be nice, but I’ll settle for $357!!