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Glad to join this forum... we moved from eastern North Carolina to Washington State for work nearly 15 years ago. After three kids and a tough 2020 we've decided to move back closer to family and to a place where we fit in a little better.

We'll be in Blairsville with family for Thanksgiving and look forward to getting back into whitetail hunting and stacking some hogs. I'm into fishing, rifles, hunting, reloading, and backcountry stuff. I've got some decent experience hunting and fishing the western U.S. (mule deer, antelope, salmon, sturgeon, etc.) and willing to offer advice for those interested.

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Wes are you seeing any pre-rut yet? I have seen at least 15 ran over between Blairsville and Blue Ridge this week equal ratio buck to doe
Only been in the woods a little bit, but saw tons of good sign last weekend. Fresh scrapes in all the right places.


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Welcome to the campfire!
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Forgot to ask - any suggestions on gun ranges near Blairsville? My uncle was telling me about one on USFS property, sounded like a 100 yard range if I recall.

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Welcome back. Yes, the bucks are split up and are chasing. Plenty of good sign in the mountains but I think the bucks are staying bed down during the day for the most part the past couple weeks.