New Hawken Arrives, and a new Kit Bag...First Shots!!

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Got hands on my new to me Traditions Hawken Woodsman today. It's better than expected, and I am ready to try her out!

She's used, but clean...

Screenshot_20200302-203014.png Screenshot_20200302-203020.png

And I figured a new gun needs a new bag. Short trip to eBay and this showed up...


The knife is a Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter..

Hoping she runs as good as she looks!

Will update.


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Love the possibilities bag! Much nicer than my Chinese military surplus gas mask bag I carry in the woods (and more waterproof, too!).

The Woodsman is a 1-48" twist, is it not? If so, it should shoot a variety of conical bullets pretty good once you find the "sweet" load.
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The cleanup is done, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was largely unnecessary. It has a few spots here and there, but overall the rifle is in fine shape.

Gave her a new nipple just because, and a stem to stern wipe down, and she's ready to go. Hopefully I can shoot her this evening.

Gonna start with 70gr and a PA conical, and 90gr and a GP385, and hope it's that easy...

And yes, it's a 1:48. So at some point, I may go into uncharted territory, and play with some balls....
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Had time for a little shootin' at my back yard range..Took four shots.


Results were good. Top two are PA conical with 70 gr, bottom two are GP385 with 90 gr. Triple 7, at 50 yds.


Moved the whole mess up and over a couple clicks, and she's good to go.

Nice to get what you expect.
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Next time gonna adjust for an inch high with the 385s, and back off to 60 gr with the conicals...Should be about right.
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As it has turned out, my gamble on a cheap internet muzzleloader has paid off. I got a nicer gun than expected, and it shoots good.

I hit the front sight with a little white nail polish, and will do a little fine tuning as mentioned, but all in all, very happy with the Traditions Hawken Woodsman.

Now to get it out in the woods, and try to find a piggy.....
I'm glad your enjoying your rifle. Looks like she's a shooter. I don't know if you did, but I always put a thin coat of Never seize on the threads of a nipple. They take a heated pounding and sometimes they lock up. I broke 3 nipple wrenches trying to get one loose , ended up taking it to a gunsmith. Anti seize or Never Seize from then on. If you get to playing around with different bullets, give these a try. Similar to a ball round,but they are pre lubed, require NO patch and have a hollow base to expand and engage the rifling. Their called "Ball-ets". They've been around many of years and work. I have 2 rifles tha are 1:48 and they love them. Pretty cheap round that won't thump you as bad . Killed a pile of deer with them with 80 grains behind it. It your rifle has a clean out hole on the underside of the nipple, Anti Sieze there also. Have fun and good hunting ! image.jpeg
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Used to shoot those, but thought they were no longer available...Switched the the Hornady PA conical, which is nearly identical to the Ballet, and always in stock.

Would gladly buy a few boxes of the Buffalo Ballet. Are they available again?
Dixie gun works, $16 for 50 rounds. Sorry , I just double Checked and they are unavailable right now. If I find them I'll shoot you a PM.
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That's a cool possible bag, I have made several for guys and gals on here they are always fun to make, There is a company called buffalo bore bullets I have been shooting them for years very accurate in traditional muzzle loaders
Great job on the bag. My TC Hawkins loves those Hornady PA. With that hollow base they load easy even after a few shots. Glad to see you're happy with your new rifle.
90gr t7 is a very very hot load for that rifle with that bullet. Drop it down to 70 and I bet the group tightens up.

These are excellent shooting rifles. Mine is the st louis hawken, same thing as yours except for the name.

100gr, 80gr alliant black mz, home cast 395gr lyman plains bullet at 100 yards.