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Been looking at this forum for a long time finally decided to join. Good stuff on here. I hunt bear hogs and deer in the mountains. 9D302C51-155E-4B9C-AB07-B34DE61EB11A.jpeg 4A8F535B-D411-403B-BAE7-45FAA52B1FB9.png C8EF17A3-E53B-429D-BF2D-C849A382A8CD.jpeg 148515C9-1037-4542-9281-F665D34A5E84.jpeg 8BA3533D-6858-4633-B094-D507A676EDAE.jpeg 6ED8C14A-BEDA-43BE-A746-876098997972.jpeg



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Welcome and thanks for sharing ! Check out the bear hunting section , most all of them are mountain hunters and some probably your neighbors ! And congrats on the animals , some sure enough fine hogs !