New Item in my fanny pack. A fresh pair of Jockeys

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I got in my stand about an hour before day break this morning and decided to take a short nap. Kicked back in my treelounge with my eyes shut listening to the creek roar, the critters scamper, bird holler, 4 wheelers headed up the mountain. It was cold but nice to be in the woods.

I was about 30 feet up at the first limb in the poplar tree I was using and suddenly I heard a big swoosh and felt wind off of bird wings. Danged if the biggest owl I've ever seen in my life didn't land on that limb next to my head. :eek: :speechles This sucker would have made 3 of my wife's shnauzer. ::gone:

Well, we had us a Mexican stand off with a flashlight for about 15 minutes till finally it gave a couple of hoots and took off. I just wish I'd had that fresh pair of shorts today.



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Dang dude. That's even worse than the hummingbird that molested my ear last season!! :bounce:

This sucker would have made 3 meals out of my wife's shnauzer

Don't let her hear you say that!! ::gone:
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According to Justin Wilson, they taste a lot like hawk. Much longer smacking his feet with that flashlight and I might have been able to confirm that.

I'm telling you them dudes got some toe nails haging off of them feet.