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Evening folks,

Long time lurker since my brother was stationed in Albany. Georgia’s hunting regs were different than Fl and it was a new experience. I guess after 10 years I need to sign up. Have to get 100 posts before I’m allowed to get access to PF. Thank goodness Paymaster forum is still accessible to us lurkers!


🥃 Cap`n Jack 🥃
Welcome to the Campfire.


...just joking, seriously.
I just had a stroke of luck last summer and moved my 2 year RV fish camp from Pensacola just a few weeks before Sally.
Gonna miss that place for a while, but I'll be back!


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Welcome to the Campfire....born and raised in Milton, FL myself but up in NE GA now. Still travel home often though.
Stick around awhile, there’s lots to learn in this place from some great folks that crosses them invisible lines in a map!
Stationed near there in the 70's. Wonderful place for Saltwater fishing, and that Blackwater wildlife area: one of the wildest, unspoiled places in the South. Welcome!
Welcome Sir. Jump in the Useless Billy threads ! You can get your 100 posts real quick.