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Hello All,

Been lurking for a bit and decided to take the plunge. Seems like there's a lot of good folks on here with a ton of experience. I am entirely new to hunting, did not grow up around it at all. However, I've had a growing itch over the past couple years to get into it. The itch only got bigger this past deer season, so I figured that was a sign it was time to jump in.

I live in Cobb County and coach HS football, so fall is busy, but our season is typically over well before deer season ends. Plus, there's always hogs, which I am quite interested in as well, possibly moreso than deer.

I recently purchased a compound bow, still very much a beginner but I am pretty comfortable at 20-25 yards. Open to rifle opportunities as well. I am in good shape so walking/hills are not an issue. That said, this sport seems like such a steep learning curve if you're jumping in as an adult (I am mid 30s), so I am very much looking for mentorship and opportunities to learn directly from seasoned vets, as I am admittedly completely green in this world (I can provide plenty of football knowledge/conversation, if that's an incentive for anyone). Thanks all, appreciate your time.


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We Appreciate your time with the young adults growing up today in this world.
Welcome to the forum. Don’t be afraid to ask question.


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Sit still. Be quite. Expect the unexpected!


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Welcome to the camp fire. Best advice I can give you is keep it uncomplicated. The simpler it is the more you’ll enjoy it and less that can go wrong.


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Welcome to THE Campfire!


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Welcome to the fire.

Lot of good info here.


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Welcome to the addiction!!!