New or Used UTV?

I bought a 2003 Polaris 600 in Chattanooga, I didn't pay any sales tax. It was a really good deal, that sales tax adds up.
2 or 3 months later I got a letter from the tax collector in Atlanta. Said I owed them sales tax on my ATV.
I ignored the letter.
The second letter arrived a couple of months later. This one was worded much stronger. I was convinced and sent them a check.

I touched bases with several people I knew who had bought ATV's in Chattanooga, all of them had gotten the letter from the Tax Collector also. In the end they all payed that tax.
Bought my 4 wheeler in 2006 in Chattanooga, no tax. Was told they had to send info to the the state of Tn as to who the vehicle was sold to. It was up to Tn to Forward info to Ga for sales tax. Guess Tn didn't care if Ga got the sales tax or not.


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I bought a used 2015 Polaris Ranger, 570 4x4 full size last January. It's been jam up since I got it until this week. I am having to replace the starter. It had about 300 miles on it when I bought it for $6300. I love mine but I take care of it and don't dog it or put it in water or deep mud. I use it around the yard and to run down the road to pick up the mail and haul stuff from the house to the shed and back. I hear horror stories on the facebook group for Polaris owners but almost all of them have altered the suspension, put on way over sized tires and mud them and bury them in lakes, ponds and rivers. Most of the people who keep the stock and use them normally don't have problems.

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Here is my humble and useless opinion:

I have the following vehicles for my club use:

Toyota single cab 4wd, 5 spd, 22RE engine.
Jeep Cherokee 4wd, 4.0L, auto.
Honda Pioneer 500 SxS

We have over 2000 acres at our club. Two vehicles stay at the club, the Honda is at home b/c we use it on our small home acreage.

Guess which one I prefer AND use the most?

Toyota pickup. It's SMALL, reliable, and cheap. I got stuck ONCE, only because it was in a mud bog/swamp. Buried up to frame in the matter of a second. Simple solution, 12k winch from harbor freight for $300 on sale and $40 worth of metal fabrication. (jeep also has the same winch).

I'm mid 40's and prefer a DRY ride, low noise, fairly comfortable, etc.
The Honda will do 43 MPH until it hits the governor. It is LOUD and IRRITATING.

Toyota trucks (and cherokees) have gone WAY UP in value in the past few years. Why? B/C of these $20k SxS you speak of. We have a few members that have spent between $20k and $28k on SxS's. One has power windows. LOL. That's big $$$ IMO. You can find a $5000 toyota or jeep. Spend $1000-$1500 in tires, $1000 in maintenance, and $300 on a winch. IMO, money better spent.

I'd also ponder one of those Japan pickup mini trucks, right hand drive. Add larger tires and a winch.

My 2 cents, your mileage may vary.