New Orleans area Redfish guide

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Looking for a good fishing guide in the New Orleans area for Redfish/Trout. Just wanting to bring home some fish for a fish fry.Thanks in advance!!
I’ve never really fished much around areas local to New Orleans, so I can’t be a whole lot of help. If you could possibly get out more toward Venice, La, it would open up an unlimited opportunity of guides and fishing options.....
Bayou Charter with Captain Charlie. He has 6 boats in his fleet. I’ve fished with them three times, most recently was last Wednesday and our two boats limited out with redfish. Also caught bass catfish sheepshead and drum. Saw a pile of big gators. He’s 30 minutes from downtown in Hopedale.
May I gently recommend you stay in Louisiana. Fishing is much better.
Jean Lafitte area is a good area. Look up LA redfish outfitters. He fishing all over so tell him how far you are willing to drive and he will put you on the fish.