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Haven’t posted in a couple of years, haven’t fish much since 2019.
Hit Hartwell this morning for the first since October 2019.
Thought we could find some fish moving up on the banks getting ready for the spawn.
Ended up catching fish we weren’t targeting. My partner saw some small swirls and threw a weighted fluke out towards the deep water, while I continued probing the bank . He quickly had 2 nice hybrid in the boat in the 3 to 4# range. Figured I was fishing for the wrong fish, and tied on a fluke as well.
Shortly i had the most violent strike I have ever seen. Then it was all I could do to hang on. The fish started heading for the mouth of the creek, peeling drag
And I could not stop him.I was throwing 12# test in a 7’, medium action crank bait rod, and I wasn’t sure how long the line had been spoiled.
After about 10 minutes, I finally got her to the boat, and my partner netted it.
I thought there was no way I would get that fish in with out it breaking me off.
Did not a scale on the boat so not sure what it weighed, but thinking it probably is in the 20# range. I’m not a striper fisherman, so I don’t have any past fish to compare it too.
Would be interested on others weight estimate.
A great day on the lake, and the largest fish I have ever caught of any species.



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Beautiful. Hard to estimate weight from a pic but it's a dang good one. Did you get a measurement? You can get a good estimate if you know the length.


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Beautiful fish , congrats ! I’d guess closer to 30 than 20


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Mid 20s, I’d say. Congrats.


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Have a look at Dustin Pate's "West Point mid - 30's Striper" thread and compare it's pic to your's.
My initial thought was mid 20s


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Congratulations. Fine fish.


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Nice looking Hartwell striper, those fish are just starting to show back up after the fishery was in recovery mode for 4-5 years.

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Super nice fish.
Very nice fish she’s big fosho! We have a place on Tn river in west Tn. I’ve only caught bone striper and it was like 9-10#. Caught in a brim lol. It was in March. I want to target them and learn where how and when to catch them on the Tn river. It was very good eating and a great fight. They catch a lot at the pickwick dam up stream from us. I’m just not really wanting to get that close to fish it I’m skeered of them big dams lol.