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After iCAST was over I had the opportunity to head south to play with the Humminbird ONIX in the salty pond and I managed to check off some bucket list items. I started in Sanibel where we played with the new AutoChart LIVE. Then it was off to Stuart where I got my 1st sail. Next it was off to Cocoa Beach where I got a nice tarpon and kingfish then back to Stuart where luck landed me a nice 20+ snook and 250 lb Goliath. I know this is supposed to be a freshwater thread but it was the best 3 days testing electronics/fishing I have had in my life. We used the SI to figure out the lay of a barge and mark the corners and then the Minn Kota Spotlock to stay on the spot. I broke 2 rods with these monsters. Any way, I will remember this one for a long long time.:cool::flag:


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That is one heck of a week. Nice images and positive id's.


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Sorry for the rough life you have to live Bill. I'll say a prayer for you Sunday!!! LOL

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Thats what I call a day at the office. Very nice.

I used my humminbird to find wrecks offshore of destin. Thing works awesome wih down and side scan. Combined wih spot lock was a huge time saver.

I only got 1 screenshot the whole trip. Too many fish biting.

Not a great pic but the screen says it all. These are amberjacks 40 ft thick.


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Broken pole

Is that pole broken in the Goliath Pic?
Nice catch...yes pole is broke. I broke 2 poles with hose monsters. It was my fault for going to high on a monsterfish with a rod not made for that size fish. I'll upload a piece of video so you can see what was taking place when I get a minute.

I am amazed at how much value Side Imaging has and how many people do have it but either don't know how or simple don't use it. Side Imaging told me which side of the boat to throw the net....once and done:banana:


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Wow. Very nice! The sail looks like he's poking you in the throat....