New Pup Llewelyn Setter “Duke”

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First impression is that this is a laid back pup. Of course I had to go get some quail he was interested for about 10 seconds, then he saw a leaf. 😂 Any tips on how long before bird training? We are just training “here” and “kennel” right now.
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Let him be a puppy first. Obedience training now makes training for birds easier in a few months.
Thank you for your reply. What about building prey drive? He’s about to be 11 weeks old and I’ve read the imprinting stage last till 20 weeks. Right now I’ve got 2 live quail in my shed and I’m itching to use em.😊

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Just put them in a cage to let him find them on his own. Place the birds in a different spot each time but don’t overdo it.